6 Home Design Trends We're Seeing in 2019

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From Natural Touches to Vintage Flair, Explore Six Hot Home Design Styles We’re Seeing Emerge This Year

Home Design Is an Ever-changing Landscape of Colors, Styles, Settings, and Furniture. Interior Designers and Decorators Are Always Looking for New Ways to Express Their Creativity Within the Walls of the Home. However, if You Are Looking to Update Your Home’s Decor and Interior Design, You Don’t Have to Bring in a Designer—you Can Add Your Own Personal Style by Upgrading Your Home Yourself. Here Are Six Home Design Trends We’re Seeing in 2019 to Keep Your Home in Vogue.

Natural Touches

Also Known as Biophilic Design, This Style Emphasizes the Relationship to the Natural World. Rich Wood and Stone Plants Bring a Connection to the Outside World Inside the Home. Surrounding Yourself With Natural Materials, Light, the Sound of Water, and the Smell of Plants Will Bring a Calming, Vibrant Feel to Your Home—the Perfect Balance to Modern, Technology-fueled Life.

Floral Patterns

Floral Designs in Home Decor Has Been Around for a Long Time, and This Year Is No Exception.  Keeping With the Natural Trend, Floral Is Everywhere This Year. Artists and Decorators Are Expecting to See the Pattern Grow With a Modern Twist, Playing With Scale and Color Like Never Before.

Geometric Patterns

Like Floral Patterns, Geometric Patterns Are a Tried-and-true Design Trend. Update This Style by Adding a Modern Touch With Bright Colors and Oversized Shapes. An Easy Way to Make a Bold Statement in Any Room, Geometric Patterns Are Back for 2019.

Artistic Light Fixtures

Unique Light Fixtures Have Become Very Popular in 2019. Decorators and Designers Are Seeing a Shift Towards Handcrafted Fixtures From Artisans and Local Artists Alike. The Handmade Look Will Give Your Home a More Personal and One-of-a-kind Feel.

Vintage Lighting

Another Way to Give Your Home a Personal Touch, Vintage Lighting Has Been on Trend in 2019 So Far. This Year Has Seen Vintage Fixtures With Copper and Brass Finishes Set in Sconces or Hanging Pendant Styles.

Upgraded Shelving

2019 Has Seen a Shift in the Way People Store Things. Replace the Dark Cabinets of Last Year With Painted Cabinets. With a Broad Range of Colors, This Contemporary Look Is Definitely in. Not All Cabinets Are Coming With Doors This Year—many Designers Are Opting for Open Shelving Instead, Making a Bold Statement With Its Simplicity and Timeless Style.​​​​​
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