How to Give an Unsightly Mudroom Swoon-Worthy Design

Barry Cohen

Say Goodbye to Mess and Clutter and Hello to Convenience and Organization

Mudrooms are often a mess. The quintessential example of function over form, the mudroom is the home of dirt-covered shoes and wet clothes. Where outerwear piles up and shoes and boots spill out of closets. The proverbial ugly duckling of the home, it is commonplace to hide the mudroom behind closed doors.
However, you don’t have to settle for overcrowded disorder--there are simple ways to make your mudroom a space of which you can be proud. It doesn’t take much to turn your mudroom into a beautiful mix of form and function. Here’s how to give an unsightly mudroom swoon-worthy design.

Utilize Your Storage Space

The mudroom is always going to be a place where things are stored. Be it winter clothes like gloves and hats or cleaning supplies, your mudroom will be the place for many different things. A row of hooks for frequently used items like rain jackets is a must, but for seasonal clothes and other lesser used items, look for storage that serves both form and function. Instead of having those seasonal clothes piled up in sight, utilize a drawer-based bench and combine bench seating with dedicated cabinetry and bins. A stationary or rolling ladder to access any overhead storage adds a nice touch. Using storage that combines style and practicality will give you a mudroom you’ll want to show off.

Update the Lighting

In order to leave that dark and dingy mudroom behind you, you’ll have to brighten up the place. Letting light into any area is a wonderful way to upgrade the look and feel, and the mudroom is no exception. Add some wall sconces for an air of sophistication, and utilize a good, bright overhead light. Not only will upgrading the lighting in your mudroom spruce up the place, but it will also make it easier to find things when you need them.

Add Some Style

A great way to transform the mudroom from unsightly to swoon-worthy is to add some style. Not only will this create an eye-catching experience, but it will give you the opportunity to add personal touches. Utilize empty wall space to hang some of your favorite artwork or add an accent pillow to the bench. You could even think about putting in new, funky wallpaper. Use your style to liven up the feeling of your new mudroom.

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