Relocating During the Winter? 5 Things You Should Know

Barry Cohen

Relocating in the winter does not have to be a nightmare with the right preparation. Moving companies are less busy, and therefore, able to provide you with better attention and more flexible scheduling. When moving to a new property, there are a few measures to keep in mind that will smooth the transition. 

1. Keep Your Walkways Clear

For your safety and the safety of your moving professionals, it is essential that your walkways remain free of snow and ice. Walking on icy surfaces is more dangerous when carrying heavy loads. No moving professional wants to slip and drop your best antiques. Hire someone to keep the walkways free at your old and new residence the morning of moving day.

2. Make Sure Your Car Is Ready

Unless someone is professionally transporting your car, make sure your vehicle is capable of handling the winter conditions. Have your car serviced for winter weather, check your air pressure, and stock your car with essential emergency supplies just in case an unexpected event crops up. Keep your winter supplies and accessories with you as you move. 

3. Keep an Eye on the Weather

In the weeks and days before you move, you should be paying attention to the upcoming weather forecast. Stay in communication with your moving professionals about the conditions. Keep in mind safety is a top priority of your moving company. They will not drive their large trucks on icy roads, which could delay the arrival of your belongings. Be prepared to stay flexible in case inclement storm conditions head your way. If you have to be out by a certain date, stay in touch with the person taking over your property. Have alternate arrangements made in case you cannot leave on the scheduled date. Staying safe is preferred preferable to executing a move in dangerous conditions. 

4. Take Precautions in the House

You just made a significant investment into your new property. Even on the clearest of winter days, you and your movers will be tracking salt, ice, snow, and mud in and out of your property. Ask your moving the company what they do to protect floors from tracked snow and salt. Consider using carpet remnants to create a walk path in the house. Extra cardboard boxes can be flattened for the same purpose. Keep old towels and blankets handy for cleanup.

5. Protect Your Possessions

Severe cold affects our belongings in different ways. Your glassware and china become more fragile when exposed to extreme temperatures. The same is true of electronic items like televisions and sound systems. Make sure fragile items are packed especially well. Ask your moving company what options they have for protecting fragile items from the cold. Professional movers should know better than to place boxes where they can get wet and damage the contents.

Moving into a new home is an exciting time, no matter what the season. Staying flexible and preparing for cold conditions is essential when executing a winter move. Ask Barry Cohen for a recommendation on professional moving companies with a good reputation for completing wintertime relocations.


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