5 of the Most Popular Architectural Styles in Toronto

Barry Cohen

From Old to New, Toronto's Architectures is Worth a Look

Toronto is a beautiful and eclectic city. From the Bridle Path to The Annex, Chinatown to Yorkville, the city is a beautiful mix of culture and style. History and modern innovation meet and meld to create one of the world’s greatest cities, and the architecture is no different. Here, you’ll find many different styles, from the Victorian and Georgian designs of old Toronto to the new modern constructions appearing today. Here are five of the most popular architectural styles in Toronto.

Bay and Gable

One of the older styles of Toronto architecture, bay-and-gable houses became popular in the 1870s. This style is most commonly seen in Toronto’s older neighborhoods like Cabbagetown, The Annex, Trinity-Bellwoods, Parkdale, and Rosedale. Bay-and-gable houses are indicative of Toronto’s embracing of Victorian-style architecture during the late 19th century. The style was cost effective and made perfect use of the city’s narrow plots.


Another one of Toronto’s older styles, Georgian architecture represented the style of the Toronto elite way back in the day. Two of Toronto’s oldest houses, The Grange and Campbell House, are both Georgian. Although it is one of the oldest styles in the city, Georgian houses are still being built today. It’s not uncommon to see them in neighborhoods like Rosedale and The Bridle Path.

Annex Style

The Annex style is unique to Toronto. Most commonly found in The Annex neighborhood, this style pulls from many different architectural forms. These houses are made from a combination of brick and sandstone and have many eclectic elements. Turrets, domes, and other ornamentations are not uncommon.

Beaux Arts

With a name derived from École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, this style is the idealization of classical Greek and Roman architecture. Toronto’s best and most beloved example of Beaux-Arts design is Union Station.

New Style

While technically not a style, the buildings of the last few decades in Toronto have bucked the trend and defy classification. Buildings like Frank Gehry’s masterful Art Gallery of Ontario or Jack Diamond’s Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts are just a few examples. These new classics show that Toronto continues to be an amazing architectural destination.

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