Finding the Right Home in a Competitive Market

Barry Cohen

Toronto real estate is a unique market for a metropolitan city. The low inventory and high demand that is driving sale prices higher are not limited to a particular market segment. Luxury buyers face stiff competition for the limited number of properties available. Bidding wars and escalating prices are not uncommon even in the $2.5 million-plus luxury demographic.

Available properties may be tight, but it still possible to find your ideal home. During this time of year, it's typical to see the number of new listings decline as potential sellers navigate the holiday season and wait for the warmer spring selling season. That does not mean potential sellers have not communicated their desire to list a property in the near future with a qualified real estate agent.

Homebuyers are advised: do not wait until spring to start house hunting in Toronto. Real estate agents remain plugged into potential properties that are preparing to come on the market in the near future. By communicating your home buying needs with the right agent, you could land a property tour for a home that has yet to be listed on the market. The competitive luxury market means agents are working harder than ever to satisfy client needs by getting the jump on ideal properties. Waiting until spring could mean losing out on your dream home.

Toronto has reported record transaction sales numbers in the luxury and super-luxury market segments this year. Barry Cohen has led sales for luxury properties in the GTA. Barry knows what has recently been listed in Toronto real estate and with his extensive contact list, often gets a heads up on upcoming property listings that can meet his clients’ needs. Barry's network helps him find the right property even in a market with limited supply.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Maximize your real estate selection options by continuing your property search even at this time of year when listing options dwindle. Contact Barry Cohen Group and start touring homes today.


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